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Sorry I hadn't been drawing lately I have done nothing but practices get more art will come soon.
Originality: this power gives you the ability to turn things back into their  original state by tagging it with the sign that looks like the one you use for restarting a page on the internet. The user tags the object by standing on it, specifically standing on it with his or her feet, touching it will not affect it meaning that in order for the power to work you have to go barefoot. One example of this power is: if you stand on a piece of meat, the meat will turn into a cow or a horse ( whatever animal the meat is made from) so if you stood on it, then threw the meat the meat would turn into a cow or whatever and you just threw a cow at a person. If you stand on a human, the human would turn back into a primate. So you would throw cows at people and then turn them into apes by standing on them, you can do a lot of creative things with this ability. this ability doesn't just work on living things but also on nonliving things like if you step on a rock, depending on what kind of rock it is the rock would turn into minerals, if you stood on a flower ( which is a living thing I heard ) whatever, the flower would turn back into a seed. A good place where you can use this power is at a grocery store where there is a lot of food and people, most of those things would probably turn into corn if you ask me. The power may seem sweet but remember that you would have to go barefoot and stand on things if you want this power to work, even on food and people

Yawn: the ability activates when The victim is tired because that is when you usually yawn, your lungs are sucking up air which gives it the perfect opportunity for the power to work within you, the power takes the form of oxygen but it has a purplish aura to it, when the victim yawn the "oxygen" enters his/her lungs and then the victim is infected. When the " oxygen " is entered into the lungs the victim will start yawning constantly, that is because no oxygen is entering your lungs because it is being blocked by the superpower, this could suffocate the victim but it doesn't end from there, the oxygen in your lungs actually absorbs the oxygen that the victim is supposed to be absorbing and the oxygen forms magical energy, now when every time the victim yawns somebody random dies, the other victim could die suddenly or be killed in random ways. The victim yawns somebody gets a heart attack, victim yawns, somebody gets hit by a car and so on. This stops until the victim suffocates from a lack of oxygen. Yawning is also contagious meaning the more people around you yawn, the more random people die, not only this but the user has the option to choose who dies for when a person yawns and the victim will probably go to jail for the "killing" of others and the yawn would also spread, so pretty much, the world would be destroyed, because of yawning.....

Honesty: this ability might be your worst nightmare if you get affected ( next to the yawning) this ability makes the victim tell the truth and speak their mind always, even when the victim  doesn't even talk he/she will spout out his/her random honest opinion even your dirtiest secrets, the ability will make you want to share it with the world. If you think that is bad, if you shout out your honest opinion and someone gets offended or doesn't agree with your opinion then the victim who always speaks in honesty will painfully disintegrate into dust. Basically you have to always be honest and if someone gets offended by your opinion you will die, this will work especially if you are very popular ( you even post your honest opinions on the internet and if someone gets offended and posts a hate comment you will die) this activates when the user hears an opinion from the victim that the user does not agree with, then the user will curse the victim and then the power will activate.

Here are three more powers that I have came up with
Sorry I hadn't been drawing lately I have done nothing but practices get more art will come soon.


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I am just an everyday kid who is very interested in character designs and I seek more creativity and progress!


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